Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme is a skill development initiative by Higher Education Department & General Education Department, Government of Kerala

Highlights of the programme are
1. Optional scheme equipping students with skill in which they have an aptitude alongside their academic schedule
2. Hands-on-training in the respective industry
3. Government of Kerala Certification
4. Industry Certification with National / International Accreditation.
5. Strong foundation in IT & English Communication skill

All first year undergraduates can opt for the scheme. Students who want to take up job after graduation and those who have strong aptitude for vocational skill are preferred.

The courses will be implemented as three levels. Level one -300hours module which include an 180 hrs Foundation Module for IT & Communicative English & 120 hrs for skill acquisition with hands on training provided from the industries (sectors include: Hospitality, IT & ITES, Banking & Finance, Agriculture, Health sector)

Level two and three include 300-500hours hands on training in area of specialization.

The College has two batches of students enrolled for ASAP courses with each batch comprising of 30 students. They are currently undergoing training in Communicative English as part of the foundation module.

For details contact,

College Coordinator of ASAP
E Mail :
Mob : 9447762235

Asha. A.L.
Programme Manager for the College ASAP Unit
E Mail :
Mob : 9495192355