College Union

The College Union is the democratically elected body of the students which looks after the welfare of students through various programmes and activities. The College union comprises a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, University Union Councilors, Arts Club Secretary, Magazine Editor, and Class Representatives.

The working body of the College Union is the “College Cabinet” which organizes various programmes. The University Union Councilors represent the College Students in the Kerala University Union. The major activities of the College Union include organizing debates, discussions and talks on relevant issues with the involvement of local leaders, Ministers, people from Academic field etc. The Arts Festival conducting in the college gives opportunities to the students to express their talents. The College Union also organizes a Film fest every year and College Day Celebrations.

Staff Advisor and other faculty members assist students in the holding of competitions. The College Union receives funds for its various programmes from the Government and through the donations of the students, faculty members and the PTA. The University Union also supports the College Union to organize various programmes.