Add a table/list of Committee Members

  • Sometimes it is necessary to add a list of members and their details including photograph to the website. For example, to add the list of PTA members, their address, and their roles, we use a table as described below.
  • Visit the page where you want to insert the list of members (or, from the left menu, go to Pages->Add New)
  • Click on the edit page option on the very top of the page.
  • An editor window will appear
  • Click on the table icon in the editor window :
  • If we have 6 members to add, assuming the columns to be Serial Number, Name & Designation, Role in The committee, Contact Address, Photo – a total of 5 columns, from the table icon, ->Insert Table, 5X6
  • Then Enter the column headings, and all other data.
  • To insert the photograph of a member, click inside the last column against the name of the member, then click on Add Media, then Upload file, then insert.
  • Continue this process until all the members are added.
  • Once the typing is over, on the right side, locate a Publish / Update Button. Click on it.

You are done!