Add details about rank holders/achievers

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To add name and photo of a rank holder (or any other to appear in the Hall of Fame/Achievements section on the front page)

  1. Login to the site
  2. On th left side, click on Posts, then click on Add New below Posts
  3. Give the title as (for example) “M.Sc Mathematics (2014) admission first rank for ———“
  4. Enter details in the below “text area”
  5. Under the Categories on the right side of the page, select the category “Hall of Fame” or “Achievements”
  6. Below that, click on “Set featured image”, click on upload file, and upload a passport size photograph of the rank holder/achiever.
  7. Click on insert into post.
  8. On the right side, click on Publish or Update.
  9. Check whether it appears on the front page “Hall of fame” box.