Invited e tender for supply ,installation,testing and commissioning Research level laboratory equipment

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Govt .College for Women,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,India invited e tender  for supply ,installation,testing and commissioning Research level laboratory  equipment under a project named “State Instrumentation Facility for Researchers in Government and Aided Colleges in Kerala” of the Department of Collegiate Education, funded by Higher Education Department, Govt. of Kerala. Tender shedule and details is given below.

Publishing Date*                                           29/06/2018                                          At16.00

Document Download / Sale Start Date*      02/07/2018                                          At 9.00

Seek Clarification Start Date                       02/07/2018                                          At 9.00

Seek Clarification End Date                                    04/07/2018                                          Upto 16.00

Bid Submission Start Date*                         05/07/2018                                          At 9.00           

Bid Submission Closing Date*                     20/07/2018                                          Upto 18.00

Bid Opening Date*                                       23/07/2018                                          At 10.00


Sl.No Item Name Tender Reference Tender ID
1 Nano fiber electro spinning unit with Vertical & horizontal orientation spinning and UV quavering. A6/2813/2018/GCW_1/ SN 2018_HEdD_211346
2 Spin coating unit
3 SILAR Coating System with Magnetic Stirrer and Ultrasonic Bath Stand
4 Hydrothermal reactor A6/2813/2018/GCW_2/ SN 2018_HEdD_211359
5 Automated Preparative Flash Chromatography System A6/2813/2018/GCW_3/ SN 2018_HEdD_211363
6 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer A6/2813/2018/GCW_4/ SN 2018_HEdD_211367
7 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy system A6/2813/2018/GCW_5/ SN 2018_HEdD_211369
8 Real Time PCR A6/2813/2018/GCW_6/ SN 2018_HEdD_211372
9 Recirculating chiller/cooler A6/2813/2018/GCW_7/ SN 2018_HEdD_211376
10 Rotary Evaporator (With vacuum pump) A6/2813/2018/GCW_8/ SN 2018_HEdD_211378
11 Refrigerated Ultra Centrifuge. A6/2813/2018/GCW_9/ SN 2018_HEdD_211388
12 Vacuum hot air oven A6/2813/2018/GCW_10/ SN 2018_HEdD_211390
13 Ultrasound Sonicator probe type
14 PAGE (Vertical) and Western blot apparatus combo
15 Analytical  Balance (Electronic) A6/2813/2018/GCW_11/ SN 2018_HEdD_211397
16 pH meter (Digital)
17 Bio safety cabinet : Class II Type A2
18   Liquid Nitrogen cell storage Can
19 Water Distillation Unit  including Power supply
20 Ice making machine
21 Dewar flask
22 Variable temperature measurement System for KEITHLEY instruments
23 Vacuum Spray Pyrolysis Automated Equipment
24 LabVIEW software:New Version
25 Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate (Digital)